Nathaniel Hill (Dynasty Beats) born October 22nd, 1991 was born in the city of Syracuse,Ny. He was brought up by his mother and sister. At age 6 Nate asked his mother if he can learn how to play the drums and thus began his love for the creation of music. At age 11 Nate was presented a medal in a competition at Darien Lake where he was for a music competition with his elementary school band for his excellent drum skills. After he realized he was good enough to start a new instrument and build his music knowledge so he picked up the guitar and started to create his own riffs and songs. Listening to influences like Nickel Back, Hoobastank, 3 Doors Down, Nirvana, Metallica he formed his rock background and sound. But he realized he was different from everyone else. He not only liked rock music but he loved how rap and hiphop had the sound and bounce that rock did not have. In 2004 Nate received the Jay-Z Linkin Park Collision Course and he fell in love with the mix of rap and rock. In 2006 Nate started to produce his own music using FL Studio and a home computer he had bought from a friend..... never suspecting the changes he was about to see. By the end of 2008 (a year away from his Graduation date) Nate had formed a small and personal record label with fellow friend/musician/rapper Cj Brooks aka The Kidd. Winning talent shows, doing school performances, making hits in their home studio is all their days consisted of. They had created a name and it became more than a hobby to both of them. After years of constant work and consistently being in the studio Nate created his name Dynasty Beats (Dynasty= Lives on and on through family) and created his own brand of his own. In 2012 Dynasty Beats linked up with one of Syracuse's face of hip-hop TajMahal(CEO of Finally Focused Music Group)and worked with artists like French Montana, Glasses Malone, Mistah FAB, currency and more! In 2014 Dynasty was offered a engineer job with Infinite Clip studios in Syracuse and is currently freelance producing and a studio engineer for Infinite Clip.

Dynasty Beats is a Super producer/Audio Engineer/Studio Manager/CEO of Dynasty Beats LLC.

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