Welcome to the channel where I "chase" Sex Education for you! A little about myself, I identify as a queer trans man. However, I do not limit myself to toxic masculine ideals and wear whatever I want. My official title is CAPP Educator, which stands for Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. Basically I am trained to deliver a curriculum that was researched and proven to reduce rates of unintended teen pregnancy, increase condom use, and increase the age of first sexual encounter. As someone who is part of the LGBT+ community, I saw deficits in the curriculum and knew I was not giving LGBT+ youth the education they really needed. During the time of COVID, I have been furloughed from my job and applied to work at an adult entertainment shop selling sex toys to learn more about what people need to hear. Follow me as I document my experience at this new job, upload educational content LGBT+ people need, and chase Sex Ed all over the united states.





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